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Communal Spaces 2018
Five plays. Five gardens. Back in Manhattan.
Saturdays and Sundays, September 8-23, 2018

Holding Up the World
written by Nora Sørena Casey
directed by Gineiris Garcia
1:30pm @ Herb Garden (176 E. 111th Street)

written by Catherine Weingarten
directed by Charles Quittner
2:30pm @ Tiffany Family Garden (431 East 114th Street)

For the Love of Natalie Wood
written by Matthew Barbot
directed by Dalia Sevilla
3pm @ Rodale Pleasant Park Community Garden (437 East 114th Street)

Me Gusta Así
written by David M. de Léon
directed by Lillian Meredith
4pm @ Home Depot Children’s Garden (421 East 117th Street)


Window Plays
A play seen through a window on a dark night.

In development with Anton Handel


Subway Series
A traveling play for your daily commute.

In development.


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